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Feedback / Complaints

Below is our policy on how we manage feedback and complaints

At Star Coaches of Batley, we invest significant time and resources in trying to exceed the expectations of our customers. One of the core principles at Star Coaches is that we always aspire to make our customers feel when they walk away, that they got from Star Coaches more than what they expected.

If something went well we love to receive feedback from our customers, as it helps us to know what we are doing that works and when we get things right.

We also realise that no matter how hard we try not everything will go to plan, therefore any areas our customers feel we can improve on we also want to know about.

We also recognise that in the odd instance there may be a complaint, that is why we also want to hear when things go wrong, and sometimes things do go wrong for all of us at some point.

Whilst no one likes receiving complaints, it’s essential for the team at Star Coaches of Batley to listen to our customers when they do complain so that we can improve as a business and better understand the needs of our customers.

Any complaint received will be investigated fully by the Management and we will look into how this incident occurred, can an explanation be offered, what can be done to remedy the situation and how can we avoid another instance of this?

To give feedback or complain, simply fill in the contact form or email us at [email protected].

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