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7 Places You Need to Visit After Lockdown

These are anxious times for most of us and we’re going through a lot of uncertainty - but even with the UK under a strict lockdown and all of us taking extraordinary measures to curtail the spread of this pandemic, we can’t help but notice how breathtakingly beautiful the UK is.

There is a reason why we all feel this urge to reconnect with nature; its late spring and life is blossoming everywhere. Pollution levels have significantly plummeted in various parts of the country, animals are being adorable and we’re missing out.

One thing is for sure; when all this is over, we sure won’t be taking another leisurely walk through the woods or a travel trip for granted. Those of us with wanderlust cannot wait for this lockdown to end and things to go back to normal.

The lockdown is expected to end in summer so we have a long wait ahead - but if you have travel resolutions or you want to enjoy stunning destinations and soak up some sun, here are 7 serene and scenic summertime destinations you can head to:

  • Tresco, Isles of Sicily

Sprawling sandy beaches, tall palm tree, and minimal traffic are what makes Tresco special. Its also a great place to unwind and enjoy nature in its purest form because of the Abbey Garden, which was established back in 1834. In summers, the lush sun-kissed garden is in full-bloom so get ready to learn more about exotic flowers from around the world!

  • Eyam, Derbyshire

We couldn’t have completed this list without Eyam, a gorgeous little village nestled in the hills of Derbyshire. This tiny Anglo-Saxon village is gorgeous enough with its chocolate box cottages, chirping birds and scenic landscape but it's relevant for a specific reason: In 1665, during the bubonic plague outbreak, Eyam was the first village to enforce a strict quarantine policy. The villagers faced the outbreak bravely and were successful in containing it.

  • The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is great if you’re into nature at its best. Best known for its rocky coastlines and panoramic beaches, the Isle of Wight is a summer paradise. Old-fashioned beach huts are sprinkled across the island, giving it a vintage feel - and if you want to go farther back in time, drop by at Compton Bay or Yaverland Beach to see dinosaur remains and fossils.

  • The North

Head off to the North if you are a fan of harbours, unique landscapes, and coastal villages. There’s simply a lot to enjoy in the North. You can visit the coastal village of Staithes, North Yorkshire and appreciate its beauty or you can go birdwatching at Bempton Cliffs or both - the choice is yours.

  • Snowdonia, North Wales

If you want to be surrounded by nature, take a trip to Snowdonia, a peaceful, serene and solitary mountainous region located in North Wales. You can try exhilarating outdoor activities like cycling, bungee jumping and rowing or even take a long nature walk.

  • Southport

Southport has a sandy and sun-kissed beach that is worth visiting. Southport is a Victorian-era seaside town that has a lot to offer; from gorgeous and sandy beach strips to impressive architecture, botanical gardens to a vibrant nightlife featuring casinos and theatres.

  • Cornwall

Cornwall is a versatile holiday spot where you can enjoy lapping waves at a warm beach, learn about Celtic history, visit the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, stroll in a picturesque harbor village or get a relaxing spa treatment at a resort - you can even head out with your surfboard and brave the waves if that’s what you enjoy!


  Travelling with a Group?

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