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A Travel Guide to London; Attractions and Transportation

London is the most populous city in the UK with over 13 million inhabitants. With a diverse range of people and cultures, it is a land where more than 300 languages are spoken.

There is a lot that you can do on your visit to this magnificent city. Here are some attractions to look out for:

  1. British Library: Talking about attractions in London, British Library is definitely not meant to be missed out of the list. It has a stock of treasures worth exploring. You'll find scores from Mozart, Britten and more; handwritten lyrics of original Beatles; and notes from Janes Austen. Also, it owns the speech written by Queen Elizabeth I. It's indeed an amazing place to visit.
  2. Petrie Museum: The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology is quite a weird one. It's inside the grounds of University College London, so you would find plenty of students there. Also, being a university museum, it has strange opening hours. But, if you have a lingering interest in anything Egyptian, it's definitely a place for you.
  3. Wisley Gardens: You should definitely not miss out on this. You'll notice a nice little scene when you walk through the gate. There is an old Tudor-style house with intriguing manicured lawns and waterspouts all dropping down into a beautiful fish-filled pond. The garden is full of rare species of plants and trees that you might have never seen before. You'll find trees with orange bark and ruby red leaves. That's not it, you will also get to see a rich collection of pink, bright blue and purple plants here. You may feel like they are colored deliberately or that they are artificial, just like a fairy tale imagination; but no they are as real as you!! In fact, the maintenance authority has got little labels around the base of plants so that the visitors can check their identity.
  4. Syon House: There are basically two things to check out at Syon: the house and the gardens; gardens being more noteworthy. They start off at a very influencing conservatory. It will somehow remind you of the Palm House at Kew Gardens. The house will win you over as soon as you step through the door. The decorations are grand, and you'll find a lot of family portraits of the Percy’s and the Dukes of Northumberland as well as of the kings and queens. If you are an avid reader, you'll surely get fascinated by the huge library it owns.

#Note: This place is a bit of a burger to reach. You have to get on the train to Syon Lane and then take up a 20-30-minute walk. Recommended: Hire a private vehicle, maybe your own chauffeur-driven luxury coach hire.

  1. The Tower of London: In spite of the exhausting crowds and long stairways, it is one of the finest historical attractions in Britain. The building of the Tower has about 900 years of history. As far as the bastions and battlements are concerned, they own a series of displays on the lives of British monarchs and the deaths of traitors. It's definitely a fun-packed place where you can spend your whole day.
  2. London Zoo: The zoo opened to the public in 1847 and covers about 36 acres of land. It's home to over 760 animal species, including the endangered ones also. You'll find regular events happening across the site including animal displays, feeding sessions and keeper talks. Also, there are plenty of cafés and picnic spots plus the zoo offers educational and craft activities also.
  3. London Eye:As a major feature of London's skyline, it lets the visitors explore some of the best views of the city from one of its 32 capsules. You can possibly enjoy the view of over 55 famous landmarks of London in just about 30 minutes.But the truth is that if you want to travel these days to cities like London in a group or otherwise you can go via plane, train, car or you can use a bus charter service, especially if you need to carry nine or more people. Hiring a bus service can be quite a nice change of pace and can be a lot less expensive than flying. If you are a company or an organization that needs to carry people for a long distance, chartering a bus makes a lot of sense. If you've ever had experience with public transportation, you've no doubt ridden on uncomfortable vinyl seats, bumpy rides, and no luxuries. A school bus is a good example. But to charter a bus, the experience is altogether different.

The benefits of a bus charter service are many. For one thing, each person will have the opportunity to sit back and relax the entire trip. Enjoy watching the scenery go by. Take naps. You can't do this if you are driving. Unless you fly first class, there's not a lot of room for real relaxation on an airplane either. A bus service will allow you to set the itinerary to what you need it to be. You can even set the roads, if you wish to take your passengers through a more scenic route, you can. If you wish to stop more often, you can.

To rent from a coach hire service means you can count on both the experience of the bus driver and be assured the bus has been well maintained. Make sure to really research the bus service, drill them about their maintenance and find out the last time the bus needed service or a repair. Ask them what they do should a breakdown happen. There are many coach hire companies out there , and be sure to check each and everything before you hire them.

In case you are wondering about that where would I find a coach hire near me, then check this out!

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